This course will...

  • Guide you through the art of delicious feminine softening

  • Tone your nervous system so that you feel safe as you soften

  • Unlock your inner glow so that your natural beauty shines through

  • Help you maintain your feminine energy in high stress, masculine-centered environments

Pricing options

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  • Embodiment Practices to Help You Soften

    Customized yin yoga, meditation, and somatic practices to soothe, soften, and tone the nervous system to be more in alignment with feminine energy.

  • Unique, Nervous System-Centered Curriculum

    A body-based approach to feminine energy that prioritizes nervous system education and self care.

  • Lifetime Access to a Course Dashboard

    You are welcome to revisit the nervous system lessons, yoga classes, meditations, reflections, and other embodiment practices as often as you would like! You will also get automatic access to any course additions in the future.

Express your feminine energy through every cell of your body...

Our masculine-centered society is dominated by information and mental stimulation, which means that you might KNOW the logistics of feminine energy but still feel stuck in how to APPLY it to your life.

Feminine energy is unlocked and unleashed by building a connection with your body &  your heart.  

When you feel safe enough in your body, relationships, and environment, you can YIELD to the present moment.  

You can be...

Courageous enough to FEEL.

Powerful enough to BE  (yes, without doing)

Trusting enough to OPEN.

Radiant enough to GLOW

Softening into your feminine energy helps you ...

  • Become irresistible to masculine energy

  • Wear & express your natural, god(dess)-given beauty

  • Feel better - more aligned, rested, and infused with your natural essence

  • Connect with and radiate the energy of pleasure

  • Magnetize your heart's desires to you (effortlessly)


Each lesson includes delicious yoga, meditation, and embodiment exercises to encourage you to infuse the learning into your body.

  • Module 1: Feminine Energy Lives in Your Body

  • Module 2: The Art of Feminine Softening

  • Module 3: Shifting Out of Survival Mode

  • Lesson 4: Composed Like a Queen

What other goddesses have to say...

  • Juliette, Artist

    "Amanda is an incredible teacher who weaves together science, well-being and spirituality in the most harmonious and powerful way."

  • Melissa, Executive & Business Coach

    "Amanda is truly magical. She offers valuable knowledge about yoga and neuroscience, and also has such a calm, relaxing presence - I felt like I was floating after my experience with her!"

  • Lakshmi, Business Coach + Entrepreneur

    "Amanda's passion for combining intuition and scientific knowledge of the body is astounding."

A bit about me...

As a recovering workaholic boss-babe,  I used to push  to make my success happen. 

Now, I let my career unfold.

For many years, my masculine energy dominated my life - my romantic relationships, my career, and the way I related to my body. 

Needless to say... I was tense.

My brow was furrowed from over-focusing
My breath was short from rushing
My jaw was clenched from trying to control everything

Little did I know that, despite all of my hard work... as a feminine-essence being, I was actually repelling the life that I truly wanted.

So I learned to soften.
I learned to let go.
I learned to let my inherent feminine radiance live on every  cell of my skin.
I learned to glow.
I'm still learning.

I have a plethora of experience studying the nervous system - my body based framework comes from a mix of both science & magic.  Visit my website to learn more!

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