Course curriculum

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    • Welcome <3

    • Course Overview

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    • Lesson: Beauty

    • Reflection: Beauty

    • Meditation + Reflection: Embodying Nature's Beauty

    • Embodiment: Mirror Practice for Self Love

    • Meditation: Attuning to Radiant Light

    • Meditation: Infusing the 5 Senses with Harmony

    • About: Beauty Rituals

    • Embodiment: Beauty Rituals

  • 3

    Heart Radiance

    • Lesson: Heart Radiance

    • Reflection: Sinking Into My Heart

    • Lesson: Heart Intuition

    • Audio Article: The Science of Gratitude

    • Q&A: Thinking vs. Feeling Gratitude

    • Meditation: Embodying Gratitude

    • Meditation: Heart Exploration

    • Yoga: Flowing in Heart Radiance

    • Yoga: Yin Practice to Melt the Heart

    • Embodiment: Heart Movement

    • Embodiment: Heart Tapping & Brushing

    • Embodiment: 3 Steps to Heart Coherence

    • Meditation: Alchemize Unpleasant Emotions

    • Q&A: Unpleasant Emotions and the Field

    • Q&A: The Energy of Venting

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    • Lesson: Vitality

    • Q & A: Beauty vs. Vitality

    • Info: How to Move Through This Module

    • Meditation: Evoking Vibrancy

    • Lesson: Sleep

    • Q & A: Scrolling Temptation

    • Lesson: Water

    • Lesson: Movement

    • Note: Pay Attention to Cycles

    • Lesson: Nutrition

  • 5


    • Lesson: Feminine Lightness

    • Meditation: Clear Excess Energy

    • Meditation: Evoke Spaciousness

    • Q&A: More About the Quantum Field

    • Lesson: Iridescent Light

    • Q & A: Meditating with a Candle

    • Meditation: Attune to Your Rainbow Light

    • Meditation: A Waterfall of Iridescent Light

This course will...

  • Guide you towards inhabiting and expressing your unique beauty

  • Unleash the harmonic, feminine radiance that lives in your heart

  • Give you tools to feel lighter and more free in your body and energy

  • Make you irresistibly magnetic to everything you could ever desire in life


  • Embodiment Practices to Unleash Your Radiance

    Customized yin yoga, meditation, and somatic practices to evoke more beauty, radiance, and glow from your body and energy.

  • Unique, Nervous System-Centered Curriculum

    A body-based approach to feminine energy that prioritizes nervous system education and self care.

  • Lifetime Access to a Course Dashboard

    You are welcome to revisit the nervous system lessons, yoga classes, meditations, reflections, and other embodiment practices as often as you would like! You will also get automatic access to any course additions in the future.