Imagine if...

  • You spent less time in your head and more time in your body

  • Resting was actually productive (I know, hard to believe)

  • You had the tools to calm your body down when triggered

  • You spent less time putting out fires at work and more time in high level creativity

  • You were more present with your loved ones

  • Work felt a little more... effortless

Work 1:1 with Amanda

 Dive into a nourishing combination of learning, embodiment, reflection, and accountability in your self care routine.  Over the course of six months, you will learn how to build a deeper, more delicious connection with your body in way that adds tremendously to your career. 

What you get...

  • 24 private coaching sessions with Amanda

  • Customized yoga classes and meditations that are designed for your unique needs, all of which are permanently recorded for lifetime access!

  • 12 month Science & Magic membership

  • Lifetime access to the Work Deliciously course portal, which contains lessons, reflections, activities, and toolkits to pair with science-centered learning

  • Access to Amanda outside of sessions via email as needed for extra support

If you desire to work in a more delicious way, this program is for you.

Brilliant Brain Curriculum

Explore thought-provoking neuroscience and embodied learning experiences to build a nourishing relationship with your nervous system. In addition to weekly calls with me, you will be guided strategically through a customized curriculum of weekly yoga, meditation, reflection, and science-centered learning... all of which are tailored to your unique mind, body, and goals.⁣ ⁣

  • MODULE 1: Stress Resilience

  • MODULE 2: Heart Coherence

  • MODULE 3: Subconscious Patterning

  • MODULE 4: Conscious Creation

What people have to say...

  • Bryan, Entreprenuer

    Amanda has helped me be more present, enjoy life more and be more productive through leveraging mindfulness and rest. She is incredibly intuitive and can tailor the perfect program for anyone, as she did so for me. It is hard for me to imagine there being a better coach in this field.⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣

  • Molly, Professional Musician

    As a recording artist with an unpredictable schedule, Amanda helped me immensely. We developed a wellness schedule that created ritual in my daily life, which evoked more ease and overall happiness for me. I feel that I am now able live more deliciously and with more intention!⁣ ⁣ ⁣

  • Christina, Writer

    After working with Amanda, I finally feel like I have more access to what my body is saying! My experience was luxurious. Having someone to talk to that wasn’t there to “fix” anything, but rather to help you settle and find your own solutions to know yourself better is something that is priceless.⁣

Learn more about Amanda:

Amanda Leaveck specializes in helping high achieving, workaholics slow down, find balance, and uncover high levels of ease filled creativity.   Her neuroscience-based curriculum, paired with yoga, meditation, and earth-centered wisdom, guides all of us to awaken to our already delicious lives.

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