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"This is a program that allows you the opportunity to really dig deep and discover your true purpose in life.

You get to find what your true passions are, the core essences that make you as a person, and uncover the limiting beliefs/blockages that are keeping you away from your life's purpose. You discover what is holding you back and find ways to combat those blocks head on. You will find out what you want to do with your life and construct a plan to achieve it. The most beautiful component of it all is that you will have a community of likeminded humans that want to hold you and your wildest dreams up! It takes you dreams from your head and into reality." ~Albert

What's Included...

  • 4 LIVE group sessions with Amanda each month for Jan, Feb, March, & April 2023 (exact days/times TBD). **all live calls will be recorded and available for replay

  • Access to a private community board/group message list to connect with other cohort members

  • Annual Science & Magic membership, offering unlimited access to a virtual platform filled with classes to learn about earth cycles & the nervous system

  • Optional ADD ON: additional private coaching with Amanda at a discounted rate

what participants are saying...

  • Sierra, Behavioral Psychology Expert

    This program balances work, creation, action, restoration, and nourishment. I have created a stronger presence online, started to create multiple avenues of income, landed a job that is is flexible for the life I want, and became far more comfortable in my body. Amanda does a great job of offering actionable steps to create a business, while at the same time offering guidance into the more spiritual side of inner work.

  • Claudia, Inner Work Coach

    When I started this program, I was in a haze-like state, unsure of what steps to take in my life. Months later, I am living in a reality that I would have never imagined - I got married and am moving to a new country where I will live the lifestyle I could only dream about at the beginning of this program. It was beyond anything I could've imagined in such a short amount of time.

  • Nick, Account Strategist + Musician

    This program helped me work through many blocks I was experiencing. I felt misaligned with my job, my community, and life in general. My purpose is now crystal clear. I'm back to releasing music and performing on stages, and even landed a new job. I can't thank Amanda enough for facilitating this program with grace and ease

align with your purpose, nourish your body, & bring your vision to life

Now is the time! With support & guidance from nervous system expert, Amanda Leaveck, and the accountability of a  group of peers, this program offers the structure to finally take action on what's been stirring in your heart. 

In four months, we will...

  • clarify your purpose & vision (what do you actually want?!)

  • address limiting beliefs that are holding you back from what you want 

  • learn visualization & embodiment techniques to usher your vision into reality

  • utilize the support of a community of like-minded individuals to amplify your results

  • prioritize nervous system care in the manifestation process

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Amanda Leaveck specializes in helping high achieving, workaholics slow down, find balance, and uncover high levels of ease filled creativity.  Her neuroscience-based curriculum, paired with yoga, meditation, and earth-centered wisdom, guides all of us to awaken to our already delicious lives.

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