We are conditioned to believe that success lies in overworking. It's time to shift that.

Embodying this radical shift in our lives means rewiring our beliefs about how we work... which is easier said than done.  Join a community of fellow high achievers who are also committed to the path of learning how to infuse wellbeing into work.  

What's Included...

  • Monthly group call with Amanda (times vary, all calls recorded & available for replay)

  • Attendance at 2 restorative yoga classes/month, hosted on each New & Full Moon (both classes recorded & available for replay)

  • Access to a private community board to connect with other high achieving members

  • Unlimited access to the Science & Magic Portal, which contains curated class videos for embodiment & learning!

When is the last time you truly felt nourished?

If you are a high achiever, like me, it can be difficult to rip yourself away from your career.  Deep down, we know our wellbeing is important... but for some reason, it can feel almost impossible to prioritize it.  

Now is the time. With monthly support & guidance from nervous system expert, Amanda Leaveck and the accountability of a group of fellow high achievers who share the 'hustle struggle,' this membership offers the perfect container to finally start committing to your own wellbeing. 

What to expect in monthly group calls....

  • A brief intuitive sharing from Amanda

  • Reflection prompts

  • Guided embodiment exercises

  • Group sharing

  • A chance for members to ask Amanda questions

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Learn more about Amanda:

Amanda Leaveck specializes in helping high achieving, workaholics slow down, find balance, and uncover high levels of ease filled creativity.  Her neuroscience-based curriculum, paired with yoga, meditation, and earth-centered wisdom, guides all of us to awaken to our already delicious lives.

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