This program will help you...

  • Establish your core values & purpose

  • Create clarity on what you want

  • Uncover the deeper meaning of why you want it

  • Explore different manifestation techniques to bring what you want to life

  • Have immense amounts of fun along the way!

Work 1:1 with Amanda

 Dive into a dreamy combination of learning, embodiment, reflection, & inspired action around the topic of manifestation.  Over the course of six months, you will learn how to be an active participant in the creation of your life, business, relationships, & wellbeing. 

What you get...

  • 24 private coaching sessions with Amanda

  • Customized yoga classes & meditations that are designed for your unique needs, all of which are permanently recorded!

  • Lifetime access to the Create Deliciously course, with video lessons, reflections, & embodiment exercises

  • 12 month Science & Magic membership

  • Access to Amanda outside of sessions via email as needed for extra support

Create Deliciously Curriculum

I use a combination of neuroscience, spirituality, wisdom from my Irish ancestral lineage, and embodiment practices like meditation, yoga, and visualization to offer a unique and refreshing experience

  • MODULE 1: My Sacred Center

  • MODULE 2: Crystal Clarity

  • MODULE 3: Masculine Manifestation

  • MODULE 4: Inner Vision

  • MODULE 5: Feminine Manifestation

What people have to say...

  • Jo Jo, Integrity Management Scientist

    "Through this course, I have discovered who I am at my core. I have learned the invaluable skills of connecting to my center, deciding what I truly want from that place, and charting the course to bring my wildest dreams into reality. My life has been forever changed by my work with Amanda and I have never felt so solidly certain of who I am and how to get where I want to be."

  • Bryan, Dentist + Entreprenuer

    I believe that to obtain any level of success desired, one has grow into being the person that is deserving of that success. Amanda instinctively can determine how to chart the shortest path to you becoming that person, as well as become your own guide one the path.

  • David, Attorney

    This course was a game-changer for me! To have accountability in my personal growth gave me better sense of direction and purpose. We used a combination of written prompts, exercises, videos, challenges, and coaching - it's a no-brainer investment! "

Learn more about Amanda:

Amanda Leaveck specializes in helping high achieving, workaholics slow down, find balance, and uncover high levels of ease filled creativity.   Her neuroscience-based curriculum, paired with yoga, meditation, and earth-centered wisdom, guides all of us to awaken to our already delicious lives.

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